Native Woods Naturists Park

Minutes off I-95


To pay these fees a credit card may be used. Just call and give the credit card info.

           New Member 2014                        $150 per person annually

Day Fee
 Regular                                        $15 per person per day

Travel Trailer 
            Regular                                       $70 per night
Cabin #1                              
            Regular                                       $30 per night           No restroom
Cabin #2
           Regular                                        $50 per night            No restroom
R/V#1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 
            Regular                                      $28 per night            30 Amp,water,sewer, cable
R/V 9
            Regular                                      $25 per night            30 Amp,water,

Dry Camping (Class A)                        $20 per night          No utilities

Tent site
Regular                                      $22 per night            No utilities
1. Minors visit free.
2. There are no day fees for the first two people at the rentals of the cabin,
travel trailer,r/v sites, or tent sites.
3. We can help members secure AANR membership.
4. Special activities have separate fees.
5. Club membership includes free unlimited day visits, members only activities, and other discounts.
6. Ask for member, AANR, TNS, INF, or CNF, and other discounts at time of check-in.

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